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Her content is literally some of the most desirable, adfriendly content on YouTube. I'd be surprised if YouTube didn't account for this, or in other words, if they made the demonetization decision indeed dependent on a single person.

If someone else sees the content along with the advertisement, they can just truthfully say that the advertisements are placed by an automatic algorithm and that they don't endorse the content. Colombian women nude pics. Youtube nude leaks. I don't see the issue. Completely disagree about there not being any political leanings. AnkhMorporkian 5 months ago I think you're spot on. It certainly isn't beyond the realm of possibility in the very distant future, but to suggest that it's possible right now and that it would be better than a human!

On Reddit, the photos were quickly embraced. I'm sure most non-American brands would be ok with it, even many American brands would be ok with it. Twitter has already shown some signs of change. Hot girl rubbing pussy. A video is demometized when Youtube refuses to run ads on the video. This is common in many ads Partially, I think "they presumably like it" is an invalid assumption, as evidenced by the many youtube videos with more downvotes than upvotes.

I had a very popular underwear company as a client back in the day My wife literally posted a 3 minute sped up video of us decorating our Christmas tree and it was demonetized without explanation. If you won't stop breaking the guidelines by posting unsubstantive comments we'll ban the account. If Coca Cola et.

Twitch Streamer Pokehun leaked nude photos. A true free speech platform wouldn't have any concern at all for laws regarding content or any specific cultural mores - laws exist to limit the freedoms of the individual for the good of the community, not to define or enforce them, and the web doesn't belong to any culture but its own.

And after the terrorist group the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria posted to YouTube videos of the beheadings of James Foley and Steven Sotloff, two American journalists, some called for more stringent guidelines on the services. We know a lot of people who have been wanting to see her naked for the longest timeā€¦. There is an entire field of research dedicated to introspection of layers in convolutional neural networks!

My hunch is that the purpose of the syringes is to get children comfortable with the vaccination process. Ask any YT creator, or just looks at the stats for the two approaches in the same niche.

Please stick to the original argument, that "comfortable to watch" is a good metric instead of strawmanning me with censorship and forced payments. Lots of the simple cases, sure - but such an algorithm won't work on even the most moderately challenging content.

We've already asked you twice to stop trolling, so we've banned this account. She actually seems like a really nice girl and, unlike most YouTube celebrities, is actually providing an educational public service:

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I'm sure Google has the ability to add such a simple feature to their video ad platform it's basically a checkbox with a boolean that would say "restrict to family friendly content" or something.

AvE has been dealing with this very issue, where he'd upload a new vid, and within an hour, demonetized.

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Ad money shouldn't justify accidentally sweeping up terrorism under the rug and throwing journalists who risk their lives out of the platform. Hot milf by pool. Hilton and others are even soul-searching about viewing and posting questionable content. You could create a generic flag category for "swastika", but chances are this will eventually flag some, say, Hindu content from India and tick those people off.

However, where to draw the line? There are number of other videos where the syringes are being demonstrated on animals to make the animals feel better after getting sick. Natasha Leggero is a Italian-American stand-up comediation and actress who has appeared in several Comedy Central shows.

The problem is that at the end of the day the decision will have to be made either by algorithms or by people. For me, the hardest challenge would be getting viewers to watch the content. The problem of vetting YouTube videos isn't necessarily something that can be solved by an algorithm, at the end of the day. I think most sponsors probably have something in the small print about the appearance being monetized because demonetized videos usually don't fare very well, popularity-wise, on YouTube.

Exempt from demonetization per the guidelines. I think you could still have tagging or filtering for such a platform, but it might need to be a service or market of systems in and of itself, either community driven or local to each user, and not something enforced by a central authority. Youtube nude leaks. They're in a vulnerable position, and change is a big deal for them. Most recent nude celeb pics. Open Source, and Free Software paid a lot of attention to foundation, on which their software was being built. You'd think a more reasonable, and profitable approach, would be to use all that data to only allow advertisers to target these kinds of ads to people of legal age, in markets where these products are legal, but no, no-one can advertise them to anyone, anywhere, ever.

Chicago, Illinois, United States of America. York, a director at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, an online civil liberties organization. They seem to be acting professionally on it.

In the end, I don't care what simplification you use as your personal lightning rod, it's your life. Does stand-up specials for Netflix. I'd actually expect them to look for this bias, and filter out the reviewer, for example: There are many more moderate positions in between, or even entirely different solutions, such as opening up the YouTube brokerage market.

It is unfortunate and hopefully Google can figure out a way to change. You can think whatever you want about RMS rants about Java, but he and FSF sure did paid attention to the fact, that they must control everything, turtles all the way down, as much as possible.

On Reddit, the photos were quickly embraced.

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How in the world do you know Google employees are bias? I think you're spot on. Youtube for me is being plagued by the above videos. Karma bird nude. Tarq0n 5 months ago In addition to what you're saying, it feels like YouTube is underestimating their leverage over advertisers. This isn't a leak about deciding what gets taken down, its about what is able to be monetized. I'm sure most non-American brands would be ok with it, even many American brands would be ok with it.

A competitor doesn't have to use advertisers. There is a compromise that would work for YouTube and its "less desirable" creators. Naked women doing laundry DoreenMichele 5 months ago I worked in insurance. Unfortunately, she covered her vagina with her left hand and destroyed a perfectly good full frontal shot. Youtube nude leaks. Born Jewish and growing up in Paris, she was discovered by actor Gerard Depardieu saw her on the set of Asterix and Obelix dope movie btw.

Frequency with a minimum bar of quality will beat out infrequent but very very high quality every time. After all, moderating complex content such as video doesn't just require a well-trained neural network to recognise objects portrayed in images and sounds in audio Not "may" but will - it's very easy to render your network essentially unauditable you don't have thousands of petabytes' worth of storage available?

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