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It has more to do with angering regular folks who are silenced by your media, pal. But it is you within that community that pushes people beyond the limits lies, deception persistence and harrassment. Naked conga line. All I can say folks is step lightly.

If you were doing any activism you would know that people of all background have rallied around this issue particularly in california where I live. Miss california nude. If you read my post, I was not insulting anyone if I did, I am truly sorrymerely stating some points of view. All it takes now is financial security only a small percentage of gay parents are adopting most are using invetro and surrogates no one can stop that or take them away.

I do not believe in denying my friends rights. It looks like Carrie Prejean spoke too soon when she called her recent sex tape the "biggest mistake" of her life. She said, "We live in a land where you can choose same-sex marriage or opposite marriage Just because I do not necessarily agree with everything they do does not mean they should be stripped of their rights.

According to the AP: Why are people still talking about this idiot? As for her views on anything, frankly her opinion is no more noteworthy than anyone else on the planet. Opposing inter-racial marriage… I can go on and on. Paul could lift mountains, and Jesus' disciples raising people from the dead. Mopping up a jizz mess with her tits. These are words that came from a person Paul who admittedly was delusional and did not even know whether or not the Holy Spirit was inspiring him.

American more and more are supporting the rights of LGBT people you are a relic give it up. I believe what I believe because it is right. They include Kate Shindle, Miss Americawho was the subject of some of the most hateful emails, including one in which MAO leaders joked she should die.

Jody is a clear example of a person who lobs insults without hesitation, further widening the gap between different people. Miss America in for big changes, says new chairwoman Gretchen Carlson. Guarantee you I find Carrie attractive and not you, unless you look as feminine as you sound. Since the fallout from the Miss USA pageant, Carrie Prejeanwho finished as first runner-up, has defended her stance on gay marriage through the media and in church appearances, notably at San Diego's The Rock Church, which was active in the campaign to pass a constitutional ban on gay marriages in California last year.

As to Faith being about fear of death that is nonsense. The Crucifixion is a lie according to Isaiah 53 and Psalm 91 and many other verses. Bigots throughout history have used the bible to rationalize their own sick views.

Which of your pairs of genitals are you pointing at now? Constitution should unite us all to have a free conscious and different points of view. Miss America Gretchen Carlson from Minnesota. Hairy brunette milf. I was merely using as an anaology the right of people to choose … you seem to be oblivious to that concept Vernon unless and until it involves being gay.

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Your funny… let me see… first, If one has death benefits they can leave it to their homo buddy through a will… second, they should both be working and therefore have access to insurace… so, your fight on those are unfounded… as there are other ways….

She is covered up. Being homophobic does not help children. Madison skye naked. Your upstanding girl, crucified for stating her opinion, believes that nude pictures of false breasts are moral but the loving relationships of gay people are immoral.

I am a lover, not a fighter, Tink. She has a lesbian mother and two gay fathers they went through a lot of trouble to have her.

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This further confirms Islam's claims. Miss California Carrie Prejean topless pictures are on the web, and could cost her the state crown. You can be a good person and not believe in gay marriage. Time to stop being prudes people. But I will tolerate your bigotry, and try to convince you otherwise, if you will tolerate all people to choose who they want to be with. Miss california nude. At least I do have some substance behind my thoughts… Unlike your primitive trogloditical self, to use your terminology just so you will understand.

The main problem with this world is selfishness…. Hot lesbian xxxx. But same sex relationships must reproduce unnaturally. Opposing inter-racial marriage… I can go on and on. Prejean settled out of court on November 3 after her first sex tape surfaced. I believe it is a problem of semantics. Personaly I as a citizen dont care if you marry a tree as long as you are happy. We should not judge anybody. He only attacks allies like me never homophobes.

The whole religious thing is a distraction just like the people who are trying their best to drop the race card in there somewhere. Japanese lesbian submission. Don, for a self described heterosexual, you know a lot about the particulars of gay sex…and words that no christian soldier with the exception of pete labarbera would be familiar.

We only believe in Jesus' personal quotes as closest to the truth. I think All of you writting on this blog making negative comments are all freaking gay! And to hell with the hypocrits who have such a deep need to be like them wanting what they think they have.

Gay men are having children through surrogacy and adoption. It then seeks to destroy those who differ. The two are rumored to be dating, but when Miss USA host Billy Bush asked Prejean about it on April 19 she wouldn't confirm the relationship, only saying, "He's a great man When they include blatantly sexist hateful actions it becomes deplorable.

You forget that sexual orientation really has nothing at all to do with sexual reproduction.

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