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The Thing went on to garner an extraordinary cult following, and these days it is considered by most horrorphiles, cinephiles, and discerning, open-minded folk as a classic of its kind.

My Summer of Love is a title of sweet irony, of bitter truth, but more importantly of heartache. Two muscular lesbians. Reissue of a minor classic of Polish cinema fromrestored to its full length. Self-revelation is annhilation of self. Laura drasbæk nude. The fiery palette is courtesy of masterful cinematographer Robby Muller, and much of his location camerawork is astonishing. Irene Sachs 2 episodes, Lost Highway operates like a supernatural film noir dream.

It's a bona fide Australian classic. Martin Egholm 2 episodes, For years the movie could only be seen on late night television or if you were very lucky on a rare VHS copy. The dialogue sizzles like pork crackling, the cultural references are as sophisticated as caviar, yet the consequences of their actions result in gut-churning revulsion.

Mathilde Holm 22 episodes, USA directed by Abel Ferrara. The fact that so many reputable stage actors several of them no longer with us are in the cast is a rarity now as we living in an age where actors train specifically for screen.

Commander Powell an uncredited Joe Saunders is in deep freeze having recently passed away. Milk engorged tits. The action is horrific at times, but it adds up to a vigorous message about the hazards of a criminal life.

Tarkosvky was adamant not have the movie tied to genre; to have a science fiction film that meant more than its generic trappings in terms of its humanity.

Set entirely in Copenhagen; all shot with mostly handheld camera, fly-on-the-wall, cinema verite-style. An existential study of vampirism juxtaposed against the social degradation and moral corruption of humanity.

Assailed by poverty and unemployment, a Belgian teenager makes a series of desperate efforts to get a regular job, hoping for a normal life. Esben 6 episodes, Milo has been attending Narcotics Anonymous, and seems to be clinging to the wagon, until an old viper passes by, Kurt the Cunt Kurt Nielsenslipping him a wee packet of tasty horse. Dries languishes in a stylish high rise apartment with his bisexual girlfriend Lio Dolores Bouckaert and muses about the late King of Belgium.

A lovingly filmed tribute to human resilience. Pinback and Boiler squabble. New Zealand Directed by Roger Donaldson. A real-estate agent, a Paris apartment, and a shifting web of romantic feelings spark this lighthearted comedy-drama.

An American studio remake is already being discussed -- but it probably won't be nearly as good.

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Movies with such stylised presentation often come undone, or simply fall out of the starting blocks.

The majority of the film has Frank racing around town trying to collect money from various clients in order to pay Milo the money he owes, knowing that his life hangs in the balance. Yellow tit bird. Single mother Monica has her eyes set on restaurant owner Andreas, and Elisabeth Sachs is juggling bitterness towards her ex-husband and a flourishing alcohol abuse.

Most of the picture's ideas are drawn from the old vampire-film tradition; viewers with no tolerance for grisly violence should stay far away from it, but Bird's keen visual imagination keeps the action grimly watchable. Asta Esper Hagen Andersen. The Thing is claustrophobic and nerve-wracking, a masterfully suspenseful study of paranoia steeped in dread, and its ending is suitably and bravely saturated in dilemma and dark wonder. An American studio remake is already being discussed -- but it probably won't be nearly as good.

It is a tale that resonates with dark poignancy, reverberates with an element of the perverse, and echoes with touches of surrealism. Laura drasbæk nude. It is also the same underworld where Mr.

Freida Lee Mock, Terry Sanders. Selma Dam 18 episodes, This is the vampire tale for the intellectually-anemic; soul food for the hungry undead. This is a rock-solid, hell-for-leather realistic thriller, more effective than any film of its type since Tarantino's "Jackie Brown. Thai lesbian sex video. Talby, who spends almost all his time in the observation portal, talks dreamily of the Phoenix asteroid cluster. The narrative relies almost exclusively on the mise-en-scene, and the plot plays second fiddle.

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Australia Directed by Jonathan Teplitzky Logline: The story is murky at times, but the picture's highly original screenplay and visual design make it distinctive and absorbing. Belgium Directed by Koen Mortier Logline: An amiable if undistinguished example of the coming-of-age genre that European filmmakers never seem to tire of.

Pia Thorup 3 episodes, Dark Star is for curious B-movie lovers and quirky sf freaks. The small farming community of Koiterangi, Kowhitirangi, was rocked to its core when Graham, an embittered man, and his paranoid wife, find the pressure of being ridiculed by the locals all too much.

Should we come back to this topic? Astrid Borg 21 episodes, The writing is natural and fluid largely due to the delivery by the talented cast Refn assembles for each tale. It is a sweet and savoury satire, a black pudding comedy, a character study of bourgeoisie manners that will make you smirk and gag, and then gag and maybe even retch, this is the kind of Euro descent that takes no prisoners; its rich filling must be consumed with caution, then thrown to the flatulent wind.

His wife and two kids are left to fend for themselves.

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